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Make your own beautiful ceramic art at our Brighton studio
Help me choose?

No need to worry! Here are your options:

throwing a phallus.gif
ghost throwing.gif

Throwing on the wheel 

This is the pottery you see in films and on TV. 

It takes a lot of time and practice to get good

at throwing, and as a beginner in a one-off

workshop you will end up with two or three

small bowls you could use for olives or jewellery.

You will not be doing this -->

However: You will absolutely love that little bowl! 



If outcomes matter to you more than experience you should choose this. You could make a mug, a vase, a bowl, a decorative tealight holder, a wall hanging, or a little otter with a cactus for hair. Or anything else you can dream up! 

Here are some pieces made in hand-building workshops that just happened to be on our shelves when we made this web page. These are reasonably representative. 

Once you're done, you'll have the option to try using underglazes (they work a lot like standard acrylic paints) or choose from our range of dipping glazes. 


Can't choose won't choose

You can just about fit both throwing and hand-building into a half-day, as long as you're happy with only making two small and relatively simple pieces. You wouldn't have time to make a mug as well as try throwing, but you could manage a smaller, simpler pinch-pot. And we can negotiate things on the day as well.

You can't fit throwing and a body-bits mug into a half-day. Sorry! 

For a full day booking you definitely don't have to choose; you can do both!


However, in order to try both throwing and hand-building you either need to book a workshop for 2 people, or be in a smallish group of friends. 


In a small group (other people will be there):

£70 per person for a half day (£80 for body bits half-day)

£130 per person for a full day. Including a nice lunch!


Just two people (for birthday/anniversary/Christmas presents etc):

£180 for two people for a half day

£360 for two people for a full day. Including a nice lunch!

One-off workshops are generally available at weekends (Saturdays or Sundays), and run from 10am - 1pm or 2 - 5pm for a half-day and 10am - 4pm for a full day.

The prices above include clay, a selection of glazes and firing costs. On-street parking is free at weekends.

If required, postage costs will be extra (and are usually around £5 for a small piece, sent signed for delivery.)

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