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Make your own beautiful ceramic art at our Brighton studio
Body-bits workshops

We run occasional group body-bits workshops which you can book online. Or you can choose your own date and time for the workshop. 

Upcoming group body-bits workshops:

There are no group body-bits workshops scheduled at the moment, but if you would like to request one please do get in touch


Body-bits pottery is what we're most known for, and we love celebrating the beauty of the human body through clay.

Please don't feel like you have to stick genitals on your mug if you don't want to! Body positivity is about making you feel happy about your body. It is definitively not about making you feel uncomfortable or embarrassed! 

That said, ears are really hard, noses less so!

Most people choose to make mugs, which work really well, but if you want to branch out to jugs, bowls or butter dishes, just let us know in advance! 

The half-day workshop is a little bit more pricey because in order to fit everything into the time available we have to roll and cut your clay in advance, to give you time to do some anatomical sculpting. 

Once you've made your celebratory creation, you'll have the option to choose from our range of dipping glazes, or if you are on the full-day course you can choose one of our underglaze transfer patterns for your mug (shown above), or could even paint it yourself. 

Private Workshop Prices:

Half Day:

£200 for two people

£280 for three people

£60 for each additional person (max 8 people in total)

Full Day:

(includes a nice lunch!)

£360 for two people

£490 for three people

£100 for each additional person (max 8 people in total)

Check our online booking page for workshop availability, if you don't see the date or time you want please email us as we may be able to help!

Please see our group booking page for groups larger than 8.

Alice was such a fabulous teacher; very attentive, clear and positive! I made a really beautiful mug and I'm over the moon with the end result.

Definitely contributes to a heightened sense of body confidence! 


The price includes clay, a selection of glazes and firing. Hot drinks and aprons are also provided.

 On-street parking is free at weekends and you can park on our drive at other times.

If needed we can post your finished pots to you for a small cost (usually around £7).

Booking details
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