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Make your own beautiful ceramic art at our Brighton studio

Most people are quite surprised to find that throwing is so much trickier than they make it look on TV and in films. 

However, we have several tricks and techniques to help you make the most of your time. Don't imagine that you're going to come away with some towering vase (or even a mug) on your first day. You will end up with something you can use, but for finger-food, not feasting! 

It's a lot of fun though, and great to give it a go and get a bit messy!

Because throwing takes so much time to learn, and you need to trim your work as well, you won't be able to do much decoration if you're on a half-day workshop, but we have a range of lovely dipping glazes, and we'll glaze your work with those, so when you pick it up it'll be just the way you imagined it (probably)!

We only have two wheels, so throwing sessions are only bookable for 1 or 2 people.


If throwing is something you find you really love, or you know you want to put some time into learning and mastering the craft, you can try our 'Throwing Package'.

Students often want to learn to throw, but feel like they forget everything in between lessons. The throwing package gives you a free 2.5hr session (worth £25) in our open studio before you come to your next class (which we suggest you schedule shortly after). You can then spend time practicing what you learnt in the taught class and will find that you improve much faster.

You don't have to know in advance if you want to take advantage of this offer, and can decide after your first lesson.



If you're wanting to book just for yourself, but would like us to pair you up with another student to make the experience more affordable, this is usually possible. Please select this option on the booking form.

£90 per person for a half day (as part of a pair) 

£180 per person for a full day (as part of a pair). Including a nice lunch!

Maximum 2 people for throwing

My husband and I had a private class with the delightful Alice as a birthday treat.

Alice is knowledgeable, kind and encouraging.

We had lots of fun and we discovered the pleasure of creating something while switching off from everyday troubles.


Throwing workshops are generally available at weekends (Saturdays or Sundays), and run from 10am - 1pm or 2 - 5pm for a half-day and 10am - 4pm for a full day.

The prices above include clay, a selection of glazes and firing costs. On-street parking is free at weekends. 

If needed, postage costs will be extra (and are usually around £5 for a small piece, sent signed for delivery.)

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