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Make your own beautiful ceramic art at our Brighton studio
Kids pottery workshops

What better way to introduce your children to art and creativity than through the messy and fun medium of clay?!

All kids love pottery, and nearly every adult who comes into the studio has fond memories of the pottery they did as children!

Our kids workshops will give your little ones a taster of pottery and hopefully inspire them to play with clay for years to come

In our 2 - hour hand-building workshop you and your children can expect to make a pinch pot animal, cup, name-plate for a door, or some hanging decorations. You will be able to decorate the things you make with textures and colours, and the pieces will be glazed and fired for you. 

Age Suitability

You are the best judge of what your child is capable of in terms of concentration and how sensible they are likely to be around pottery tools (some of which can be sharp), but a general guide would be 7 years and older. All children will need to be accompanied by at least one paying adult.

If you have older children (11+) who you think would be able to concentrate for a longer session, then you are welcome to book a standard hand-building or throwing session.

Committed older teenagers (year 10 and above) are also welcome on our 6-week Saturday morning courses. These classes will also have adults in them, so they will be expected to work at an adult level!


2-hour hand-building workshop

£200 for 4 people (adult or child)

£40 for each additional person

Minimum group size - 4 people

Maximum group size - 6 people

Check our online booking page for workshop availability, if you don't see the date or time you want please email us as we may be able to help!


The price includes clay, a selection of glazes and firing. Hot drinks and aprons are also provided.

 On-street parking is free at weekends and you can park on our drive at other times.

If needed we can post your finished pots to you for a small cost (usually around £10).

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