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Make your own beautiful ceramic art at our Brighton studio

In a hand-building workshop you aren't limited to making circular objects (like you are on the wheel) and can get very creative (if you like!)

Everyone likes making mugs, and so do we! But we've also had students make pet bowls, plant pots, butter dishes, jewellery stands, vases, salt pigs, candle and oil burners, house numbers, dice towers, fruit, dinosaurs, and loads more! 

There are limits, and we'll assume that you're not going to spring something super-ambitious on us out of the blue, but if you have an idea, let us know in advance and we'll see what we can do! 

If you don't know what you want to make, that's also fine. We'll show you some nice examples, and talk about what you might like to do.

You can have a look at lots of hand-built pieces in our student gallery to give you some inspiration.

Once your piece(s) is finished, if you've got time you can choose to decorate your pottery with underglaze (just like paint for clay!) and can even explore techniques such as carving or sgraffito (scratching patterns).


Or, if you don't fancy painting your piece, you can choose from our range of dipping glazes, which we'll apply for you between the first and second firings. 

Whatever you choose, we'll make sure you're proud of what you make! 



In a small group (other people will be there):

£65 per person for a half day

£120 per person for a full day. Including a nice lunch!

Just two people (for birthday/anniversary/other presents etc):

£90 per person for a half day

£180 per person for a full day. This includes a nice lunch, and you can also have a go at throwing on the wheel if you want to.

Alice is a kind, supportive and knowledgeable ceramics teacher.

She was so flexible to what we each wanted to make, and gave us plenty of tools, guidance and inspiration.

The price and format of the course was really accessible. I would recommend to anyone!


Hand-building workshops are generally available at weekends (Saturdays or Sundays), and run from 10am - 1pm or 2 - 5pm for a half-day and 10am - 4pm for a full day.

The prices above include clay, a selection of glazes and firing costs. On-street parking is free at weekends.

Postage costs (if required) will be extra, and are usually around £5 for a small piece, sent signed for delivery.

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