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  • Brand & Model: SKUTT KM1027 (198 LITRES)

  • Kiln type: ELECTRIC

  • Internal size: DIAMETER 58.5CM x HEIGHT 68.5CM

  • Max firing Temperature: CONE 10 / 1300°C

  • Equipment: 10 full shelves, 4 half shelves, various kiln prop heights, bead racks and nichrome wire, stilts and cookies.

This is a lovely, large kiln, which you can fire with pre set cone firing programmes, or with a multiple ramp/hold schedule.



As the kiln is the backbone of our business, we need to be careful about the work that is fired within it to make sure that no damage is caused. You have to hire a whole shelf, to ensure no damage is caused to other potter's work.

We will only hire to experienced potters, and we will need to know exactly what clay and glaze you are using to avoid disasters! Sorry but we can't allow the kiln to be used for any homemade glaze testing, and work will need to be fired on cookies (which we can provide). We will take a £50 refundable deposit from every hirer.

Whole kiln hire is possible, and you can set the firing programme to be the temperature and schedule you like. If you are doing a whole kiln fire, We would like you to load/unload it, and programme the kiln yourself (although we are more than happy to help advise on this, and show you how to use the kiln.)

Partial kiln hire: if your firing schedule links up with a firing we (or other hirers) wish to use, you can hire a shelf of the kiln (prices to be worked out depending on the size of your pieces).

We bisque to Cone 06, and glaze fire at Cone 6.

Please contact us to discuss costs and your particular requirements, it will depend on how much you are firing and to what temperature. 


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